About Us

Heather1 Heather Lauwers 
Owner, Barkies – Dog Walks & Pet Care

Hi! Welcome to Barkies and thanks for checking us out! I’m Heather Lauwers and I created Barkies – Dog Walks & Pet Care in 2014. Originally from Ireland, I have been a Northport resident for over fifteen years.

Animals have always been a passion of mine. I always had pets as a child and was taught to care and have respect for them from an early age. This has only grown stronger as an adult, and it gives me great joy and happiness to be around them.

After many years of pet sitting for family and friends I decided to take a leap of faith! I left a lengthy career in the restaurant and hospitality industry and decided to make caring for animals my full time job! I truly believe if you doing something you love, you never work a day in your life.

I currently have two little rescue puppies Jojo and Lilly. They may be smaller dogs, but they are BIG on personality! One day I was tossing around ideas for a business name. They were barking at the mailman or a squirrel or a leaf and I referred to them as my barkies. And so, Barkies – Dog Walks & Pet Care was born.